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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PST

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appreciate the sbca's offers to help and support, but when i see the tvs in the rooms where we are adopting cats, and tvs in their compared to the stark conditions in the animal welfare and control office it makes me understand how much we need to support our departments so much. and i did want to also say that as the budget committee deals with issues from some of our two leged animals, i called them children and homeless families and others that often that when there is choices to be made, it is very difficult, but i know that we need to support our acc office and other efforts and the coordinated community efforts as well and to nadine may and others that are really have been active in so many years, and potentially decades on rescue animals, and cats, and i will just say that there needs to be much better effort to
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coordinate the existing non-profits that are out there with the city's efforts as well. and i have learned so much from the hearing and i just wanted to thank supervisor taning and weiner for bringing this forward as well. and so there say motion, to continue this to the call of the chair and could we do that without objection? >> thank you. >> and there is no other, or let me just ask the clerk, is there any other business before us today. >> that concludes today's agenda today. >> thank you so much, everyone, meeting adjourned.
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>> san francisco parks, golden gate park transforms into one of the greatest music festivals of all time, let's journey,
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inside, outside land. ♪ >> to this, our 6th year doing the outside lands and our relationship with san francisco, rec and park. and we work very closely with them in the planning and working very closely with the neighborhood organizations and with the city supervisors and with the city organizations and with the local police department, and i think that the outside lands is one of the unique festivals in the world and we have san francisco and we have golden gate park and we have the greatest oasis, in the world. and it has the people hiking up hills and down hills and a lot of people between stages. >> i love that it is all outside, the fresh air is great. >> they have the providers out here that are 72 local restaurants out here.
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>> celebrating, and that is really hot. >> 36 local winerries in northern california and 16 brewers out here. >> and you have seen a lot of people out here having a good time and we have no idea, how much work and planning has gone into this to make it the most sustainable festival in the united states. >> and literally, in the force, and yeah, unlike any other concept. and come and follow, and the field make-up the blueprint of the outside land here in golden gate park and in the future events and please visit sffresh
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budget and finance committee meeting good morning. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and financial committee for november 6, 2013, i'm mark farrel and i'm be doing this meeting and i want to thank supervisor scott wiener for joining us and supervisor mar and avalos will join us in a while. i want to thank victor young and the sfgtv covering this. mr. clerk do we have announcements. >> yes. >> be silent. and phones and electronic devices. completed speaker cards should be submitted to the clerk. itemed


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